Apps and their types

Today we rely on mobile devices more often and there are lots of apps available for users to help or make their life easier. It is a great opportunity for businesses to reach out to current customers or gain new customers via a dedicated app. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the difference of various types of apps available out there. In the development world we mainly categorise them into three sectors - Native app, Web app and Hybrid app. Lets take a deeper look at each of these -

Page Layouts and your Website

Deciding which page layout is best suited to your website is one of the most important decisions you need to take as a site owner. The digital landscape is evolving rapidly and the only way you can stay relevant in search results is by ensuring your site gets high ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). Search engine optimization (SEO) is not limited to just keywords anymore. There are a number of factors that leading search engines such as Google use when ranking your site. Page layout is one such factor. So the question is – do you know which page layout is best for your website?

In this post we will cover four different page layouts. So whether you are looking at developing a brand new website or improving your current website, you can use this post as a guide to select the page layout that is ideal for your website.

Fixed or flexible - which contract is better?

In most of the industries it is relatively easy to calculate a price of a product. Generally its the cost of raw materials plus some margin. Software development, however, is a completely different beast. It’s very hard to accurately estimate the cost of a project and there is a very good reason for that. There are just too many variable involved in software development.

More often than not the project requirements or scope is not precisely defined. The technology to be used completely depends on what is going to be developed and also a lot of the times it will be of varying quality. The implementation, documentation or fitness for the project completely changes based on how things get understood by the developers. As one can appreciate that it is not possible for people to know about every different field, projects from different fields require developers to learn about new things and ideas and concepts. Not only that, a developer will then need to code a solution to the problem at hand. All of this requires time, effort and knowledge.

iOS 10.3 and MacOS 10.12.4 is out

iOS 10.3 and MacOS 10.12.4 released
Courtesy - redmondpie

iOS 10.3

Having gone through a long line of beta releases for the developers, Apple has finally released iOS version 10.3 for iPhone 5 and above. This release has some minor updates visible to the users but some fundamental internal changes has also been released with this update, particularly with the way iOS handles the storage system. We have explained the major features in detail below for you to learn what you are getting and what you should be aware of -

Pricing - The real story of software development

Although at TechnologyC we offer both fixed and flexible pricing depending on the project, unless the project in your mind is very small, the cost of the development is probably higher than what you think it is. If a quote sounds surprisingly cheap to you then chances are that either your project will be offshored to another country, where you lose control over your project, or an inexperienced developer will be working on your project.

Software is part of every industry in the modern days and that makes the software developers high in demand, and the average salary figures confirm this. Although the average salary depends on business type and geographic location, no matter how you look at it, good software development is expensive. And for good reason.