Product Design

We believe software development is an art. Creating something new from scratch makes us excited and we believe product design is one of the integral part of the whole development process. At the initial stages of planning and requirement refinement, we focus on product design as the primary tool to understand how the finished project should behave and also we define how the user interaction should be designed.

By definition, product design is to create a new product to be sold by a business to its customers. A very broad concept, it is essentially the efficient and effective generation and development of ideas through a process that leads to new products.

Product design process: the set of strategic and tactical activities, from idea generation to commercialisation, used to create a product design. In a systematic approach, product designers conceptualise and evaluate ideas, turning them into tangible inventions and products.

Our role is to combine art, science, and technology to create new products or prototypes of a system that our clients can use partially to get a sense of how the front end will behave. Facilitated by various digital tools we will communicate, visualise, analyse and actually produce tangible ideas in a way that would have taken greater manpower in the past.

Following are the various types of product design services we provide at TechnologyC.

  • Our creative team plans projects and defines the app and web user flows.
  • We also plan and design project specific user experience.
  • User interaction design is in our culture, we love to design new and innovative ways of doing things.
  • We also design paper and animated prototypes for your systems and various components within the system.
  • If design and paper prototype is not enough for you then we can look into creating dummy native app designto bring you as close to reality as possible.