At TechnologyC, we specialise in product development with our extensive focus on Agile approach. We work alongside our clients in every step from product idea to design through to development, deployment and support. With the help of our expert designers and developers we are able to define reliable and data driven roadmaps enabling our clients to release superior products within preplanned time-frames.

We believe in open communication with our clients and working together to devise a viable solution for their business. To achieve this, we provide a full range of development services:

Dependency Analysis

A detailed analysis of the proposed system and all its dependencies and processes are derived in this phase. We also try to point out the major technological hurdles that need to be crossed along with providing a rough estimation of the project duration.

Development Plan

In this phase we look deeper into your requirements and critically analyse the whole project from an actual development perspective. This phase gives both the parties (us and the client) a better understanding of the technological challenges and development efforts required along with an idea of the biggest question, if the scheduled timeframe is enough for the delivery of the project.


This is a vital phase in the development cycle. It entails us coming up with a viable solution for the client requirements. Our experienced designers discuss the project with our clients and the development team and come up with mockups to determine what type of solution is acceptable and can be taken forward.

Developing Prototypes

In this phase we try to develop some component based prototypes for the client to provide an estimated idea of how a developed product may look. This is a ‘quick and dirty’ method for client approval, which means the actual product functionalities may not have been coded at this stage. At this phase our goal is to get approval for the proposed UX / UI for the project.

System / Architecture

After a successful prototype development session we focus on putting the building blocks of the project in place. This may include setting up backend systems, designing architecture, (AND/OR) building reusable components.


This is the most time and effort consuming phase as this is when we start to code the product and develop actual working components for the project. These then get integrated towards delivering the final product, based on the clients' approved roadmap, milestones and deliverables. We go through rigorous testing and then deploy the final product.

We also provide maintenance and support for your project depending on the nature of the agreement.

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