Automation Testing

Automated testing is an important aspect of software testing in this day and age where complicated apps are being released everyday. To stay on top of the industry standard we have defined our automation testing team with knowledgeable and experienced testers who can work with most of the recent automation tools.

We can recommend the potential requirement / benefits of automation testing for your project depending on contract terms and the size of the whole project. We also support integration of automation tests as a future enhancement for your project.

With our full coverage of various automation approach, you can expect a lot of improvements for the overall turnaround time of your future endeavour with the project. These may include:

  • Shorter regression time
  • Less manual testing
  • Central repo for all test cases and test steps
  • Reusable code snippets to enhance / increase coverage of the automation tests
  • Industry standard reporting and metrics to depict the overall product quality

Automation testing is a niche field and requires experience not only as a tester but also as a developer, that is why often automation testers are called “Developers in testing”. We work with you throughout, from the product analysis to the deployment phases, and ensure automated test coverage has been steadily progressed as per requirements.

Our experienced automation testers will explain and encourage you / your team to get involved in the process ensuring you can write your own automation test cases which will work with our developed automation test framework.